It's important to ask "why was this product created?", "why does it exist?" and "why you might want to use it?". Here are my answers.

why was this product created?

I've created this product in 2022 as a tool to publish my own personal website and also have an ability to quickly create simple websites fro my other projects. I've been running my personal website since 2013, I've tried many different solutions but I've never been truly satisfied with them. So I finally build a simple tool to satisfy my needs while also trying to satisfy as many principles as I could.

why does it exist?

In 2023 it exists for several reasons:
  • I find it personally useful and I've made myself over 20 sites on it.
  • Some other people use it and rely on it.
  • It has a potential to be both useful and self-sustainable project - which is a long dream of mine.

why you might want to use it?

This one is the hardest question. Mainly because your situation is unique. You might want to use it because you need very simple way to create a website. Or maybe because you want to explore technology. Or maybe because you agree with principles and ideas behind the project.