Montaigne's pricing is quite simple. Most of the features are FREE:
  • you can create as many sites as you want
  • you can publish as many notes as you want
  • you can have as many collaborators as you want.
This is the same promise that was made in July 2022 when the service was launched. However, please consider choosing Supporter plan. Pay $5 per month or any amount your want. This will help me to turn Montaigne into self-sustainable product. There are also two paid plans.
Features/Plan Start Pro
Custom domain
Newsletter support
Custom branding
Full site search
Custom analytics
Monthly price 5 USD 12 USD
Annual price 50 USD 120 USD
If you only need custom domain you can purchase it by paying 2USD per month. If you still have questions about pricing or have some specific requirements please email Newsletter support is done using Recur.Email. You can find setup guide here If you buy Montaigne Start Plan it comes with Recur.Email Start Plan for free. If you buy Montaigne Pro Plan it comes with Recur.Email Pro Plan for free.