Multi-Author Blog

Multi-author are different from personal blogs. They have different requirements. They need Write/Edit/Approve flow. Or some basic collaboration capabilities. Montaigne + Apple Notes combination is a good fit. The steps are simple:
  1. Create dedicated folder in the Apple Notes.
  2. Connect it to Montaigne.
  3. Add notes with your content.
  4. Everything will be published to the web automatically.
After that you want to add "author" metadata property to each post you publish. You can also create dedicated author profile pages under "authors" directory. Write/Edit/Approve flow can be handled inside Apple Notes itself. You can share your Montaigne/Apple Notes folder with as many people as you want. Apple Notes has but in collaboration mode where it will notify others on any changes to the Note that you did. Add draft note, collaborate on it with people you want. Once you finished it will be published. Here is an example of multi-author blog: -